Ratan Tata is not giving up on Nano!

Ratan Tata is scheduled to retire as the CEO of Tata Group after managing it for two decades.

Tata Nano was one of his dream projects and he is not giving up on it. In fact, Tata is planning to make another major push to market the vehicle which has sort of become a laughing stock in the Indian market.

Tata said:

The Nano is something I would love to make successful because I don’t think it’s exploited its full potential right now. There has to be another push to make Nano what it can be.

Tata Nano made headlines all around the world as the Rs. 1 lakh car. The cheapest model today costs around Rs. 1.4 lakhs though. The top end model is priced very close to the cheapest model from Maruti Suzuki which dominates the low end of the Indian automobile market.

It remains to be seen what Tata does to improve the perception of the Nano model.