Read It Later is now named Pocket!

Read It Later is now named Pocket!

The developer behind the Read It Later project has renamed the app. it is now called Pocket.

It is now available as a free download on multiple platforms including Apple iPhone, Apple iPad, Google Android and Amazon Kindle Fire.


Use Your Existing Read It Later Account with Pocket
Stunning New Design
Beautiful Viewing Experience
Easy Access to Video and Images
Search and Tagging

The developers spoke about the name change:

When we set out to build the next version of Read It Later, we wanted to build a better ‘view later’ experience. We believe that you should be able to take your content with you. No matter what type of content it is, no matter where or when you discover it, the act of grabbing it and taking it with you should be as simple an action as putting it in your pocket.

Today I’m thrilled to announce the release of the all-new Read It Later—now called Pocket.