Reliance distributing a new movie means file sharing services are blocked in India

This is not happening for the first time. We have seen this happen before with Singham and others.

Don 2 was released this week and Reliance has done it again. They probably got the same court order that enabled them to block file sharing services for a couple of days in the past.

As a result, on most ISPs in India today, you are unlikely to be able to access services like: MediaFire, FileSonic, Wupload.

Reliance distributing a new movie means file sharing services are blocked in India

The ban would probably be removed in a week or so once the movie has gone through its honeymoon period.

The bigger question is… How can a private company have so much influence over what we can and cannot access on the internet?

How long would it take for them to start targeting blogs and social media networks criticizing them with similar strategies?

Our government of course is not bothered. They are in fact supporting menaces like Reliance by recommending laws and regulations that would result in more censoring over the internet.

If you value your freedom of speech and other rights given to you by the constitution of India, you would not want to ignore the new developments in the country today. Even if it does not affect you right now, it would soon someday.

  • Kunal Gautam

    LOL, its nice I have BSNL connection as backup :D

  • Sushubh Mittal

    You are LOLing today. What would you do when the ban would be more widespread on more services and TOR would be the only way out?

  • arun

    guys install opera browser and switch on turbo mode .. access the blocking websites .. enjoy

  • Sushubh Mittal

    Yeap. Paying bribery is a viable solution to corruption. Good suggestion.

  • Abhijeet Nagawade

    Boycott ADA Group.