Reliance expected to price their 4G LTE services on the same levels as airtel

Reliance expected to price their 4G LTE services on the same levels as airtel

Moneycontrol has an article on the much awaited Reliance’s 4G LTE platform that is expected to launch later this year.

The service has already seen many delays though it should launch before the end of the current year in some areas.

The report states that the company has signed up Cisco to power the core tech platform for this service.

The disturbing part of the news is that the company might price their services on the levels similar to what airtel is charging for their 4G LTE.

This means that the consumers would be asked to pay a premium for the wireless internet access. This is contrary to the earlier reports that Reliance would charge as little as Rs. 10 per GB of data transfer.

Airtel plans are currently charging Rs. 166 (plus taxes) per GB on their cheapest plan. This is horrible considering the kind of speeds available through LTE.

The report added that Reliance is planning to lure customers by offering a range of media services on their LTE platform. Consumers would get access to an Apple iTunes like media store where they would get latest music and video content.

We are not sure if this alone is going to help the bandwidth starved internet consumer in the market. They need cheaper internet access. Wired broadband services are not solving their problems as the focus in the market has shifted to wireless broadband. Airtel is in fact, raising prices probably to fund their adventures in the 3G and 4G markets.