Reliance Mobile launches My College Plan for Facebook, WhatsApp and cheap texting support

Reliance Mobile launches two plans for sms and WhatsApp fans

Reliance Mobile has launched a new My College Plan aimed at college students who communicate with each other through mobile apps like Facebook and WhatsApp. It also has cheaper pricing (5 paisa per sms) for sending texts and a special group texting feature where you can text a large number of people in a common group for Rs. 3 per message.

Access to these services is available for just Rs. 16 per month.

To subscribe, just sms SUB
to 51111 and enjoy these out-of-the-world services at just Rs. 16/- per month!

At any point, if you wish to unsubscribe (though we don’t see why you would ever want to!), just sms UNSUB
to 51111.

Spice up your college life today with My College Plan!

*Please Note:

You can be part of only one college group at a time.
Any data consumed by browsing external links from Facebook will be charged.
Unless unsubscribed, the plan will auto-renew every 30 days.