Research in Motion shutting down Tungle platform

Research in Motion shutting down Tungle platform

Tungle developers have announced in a blog post that they are shutting down their standalone service later this year.

Tungle would go offline on December 3. They are recommending users to check out Doodle as a replacement platform in case they need a similar service in the future.

RIM had acquired Tungle back in April 2011. And since then, these developers have been working on the native Calendar apps for Blackberry 10 and Playbook platforms.

Tungle developers said:

All of our new responsibilities within RIM are very exciting; however, it hasn’t left much time for innovation on the core Tungle product over the past year, as we’re sure you have noticed. To make the most of our new focus, we have sadly decided it is time to shut down the standalone Tungle service.