RIM considered switching to Android

RIM considered switching to Android

Research in Motion has admitted that they considered switching to Android mobile platform for their devices.

The company said:

We took the conscious decision not to go Android. If you look at other suppliers’ ability to differentiate, there’s very little wiggle room. We looked at it seriously – but if you understand what the promise of BlackBerry is to its user base it’s all about getting stuff done. Games, media, we have to be good at it but we have to support those guys who are ahead of the game. Very little time to consume and enjoy content – if you stay true to that purpose you have to build on that basis. And if we want to serve that segment we can’t do it on a me-too approach.

The company said that eventually they decided to stick with their own plan to develop Blackberry 10 mobile platform.

RIM is currently struggling in the smartphone market which is now dominated by Apple iPhone and Google Android devices. They are expected to make a comeback with BB10 based devices early next year.

RIM added:

That’s what attracts people to BlackBerry. This is our BlackBerry experience we can deliver – there’s no other system out there where you can read, write, check if you’ve read my message. We want to make it as differentiated as possible. Going cross platform and opening up would be losing that advantage. I think there’s a huge difference between somebody who just provides the phone and the hardware and someone who provides services.