RockMelt Beta 5 features even deeper Facebook integration

If you are a Facebook fanatic, you should be using RockMelt web browser!

RockMelt is not made by Facebook but the company has deep relations with the social networking giant which makes it practically a browser product from them.

The company has just released RockMelt Beta 5 and it comes with even deeper integration with the Facebook platform.

RockMelt Beta 5 features even deeper Facebook integration

The Chromium Omnibox has been integrated with Facebook data. So you can now connect to your friends and relatives directly from the address bar.

You can also type in the name of any app and access it from there without opening up Facebook first.

RockMelt has also added a brand new New Tab Page. The company spoke about this feature:

The brand new New Tab page (yes, double the NEW, just for you) lets you stay in touch with friends quickly. Pop open a new tab and you’ll see your friends’ pictures, have quick access to their profiles and even birthday reminders. Now, you won’t have any excuse not to wish them a Happy Birthday!

Plus, we’ve added a ticker of your friends’ recent Social Reading activity in the top-right corner so you’ll never miss great new content. With a new “read” being shared among friends every second, Social Reading is a big hit. But more importantly, it’s clear from your feedback that you love to discover the latest news (or cat videos) through your friends serendipitously. That’s why we built the Social Reading ticker right into New Tab page.

There are tons more features mostly related to the improved Facebook integration. Check it out here.