Samsung is working hard to make sure that ChatOn is a failure

When Samsung announced their ChatOn project, I thought we finally have a solid alternative to Blackberry Messenger.

Samsung promised that ChatOn would be compatible with all popular mobile platforms (Android, iOS, Blackberry, Bada) and they would also include it on their feature phones.

Support for feature phones was the coolest aspect of this app as it would have given it an edge over competing apps like WhatsApp and Kik.

However, since the announcement and the launch, ChatOn mobile app is only available for Android devices.

Samsung is working hard to make sure that ChatOn is a failure

The website still states that the app would come soon on other devices. (Apparently, it is available on Bada probably on newer models)

With only Android devices supported right now, there is a very limited scope of usability for the mobile user. WhatsApp remains the most popular third party alternative with support for all popular smartphone platforms.

It is not clear why they are taking so long to release versions for other platforms. Group messaging market is heating up with the entry of Apple (iMessage) and Google (G+ Messenger). Facebook could probably become the biggest player in this market with their own Messenger app. Samsung is losing out on a huge opportunity here.