Samsung might have quietly launched Galaxy Nexus in India

Some folks on Twitter are reporting that Samsung is selling their Galaxy Nexus smartphone through retail stores in some areas.

It is being sold at a pretty decent price tag of Rs. 25900. Cheaper deals might be available. This is for the 16GB GSM edition which is now sold for around USD 350 plus taxes in the US market.

Samsung was supposed to launch this phone in India earlier this year but they delayed it several times before canceling it altogether. We assume that they wanted the consumers to buy their Galaxy S III smartphone instead.

Samsung Galaxy S III however is too pricey for a lot of people. Samsung does not have any new model in the 25-30K market. Galaxy S II and Galaxy Note are old models. This fits into this segment of the market perfectly.

If you are indeed looking for an Android smartphone for around Rs. 25000, this is the best device you can buy. It is a dual core phone officially supported by Google and we hear it is being shipped with Jelly Bean edition of Android!