SketchUp Showcase launched to present the best creations

SketchUp Showcase launched to present the best creations

Google is in the process of giving away their SketchUp platform to a third party company named Trimble.

But they have just launched a new section on the service named SketchUp Showcase.

SketchUp Showcase is aimed at showcasing the best of the creations made by the users of this platform.

The company said:

The Showcase is a space where the stories, images, renders, animations, and 3D models of passionate SketchUppers can shine a bit brighter. But that’s not all – the Showcase is also a first look at a new element of SketchUp technology: an online 3D model viewer. This 3D viewer lets you orbit, zoom, and pan 3D models right in your browser!

Google spoke about the migration of the platform to Trimble:

Finally, our team would like to dedicate the SketchUp Showcase to all the passionate SketchUppers who’ve supported us for over a decade. As we enter a new chapter with Trimble, we hope the Showcase and the online viewer are proof that SketchUp is only getting better.