Skype for Windows Phone finally launched

Microsoft has taken its time to bring Skype to the Windows Phone platform.

The app is now available as a free download from the Windows Phone Marketplace.

It retains all the cool features available on Skype for other mobile platforms.

portrait mode video calling
support for joining audio conference calls
call-in-progress notifications
block and unblock contacts
add new contacts

Skype for Windows Phone finally launched

The developers spoke about the Windows Phone edition:

Available for use on 4G, 3G and WiFi** networks, Skype for Windows Phone helps you connect with friends and family instantly with free voice and video calls*** everywhere you go. Make affordable calls to landlines and mobiles using Skype Credit, create and hold one-to-one and group chats (even while in the middle of a call), and update your profile and account information, among others features.

Microsoft has done extensive testing on following devices:

• Nokia Lumia 710
• Nokia Lumia 800
• Nokia Lumia 900
• HTC Titan
• HTC Radar
• Samsung Focus S
• Samsung Focus Flash