Smile by Webshots is latest project to collect your scattered photos in one location

We have already seen a bunch of web services trying to solve the photo problem for folks who are not very organized with the photos they take from different devices.

Snapjoy and Everpix have been two of the major ones that launched recently.

Webshots has now announced their own service named Smile which aims to do the same.

It can connect to your various social accounts like Flickr, Facebook, Google+ and Instagram and fetch the photos.

The service is currently in early development stages so not every feature works as expected.

We assume it would have paid plans for people with high storage requirements.

  • James Williams

    I’ve tried Smile. It’s terrible. The Old WEBSHOTS screenasaver prgram had storage for personal photos. all these guys had to do was upgrade existing software. instead they started over and the new software is extremely limited and not worth dealing with. avoid smiles like the plague.

  • Ken

    We loved the feature that showed the title of each Webshots pic - where it was taken. We no longer see the title or captions and we are not interested in the social aspect of sharing our photos either. Not happy as a paid Webshots subscriber. Too bad, when a company buys something that works and tries to make it something different. Why can’t the Webshots that worked be offered under the new umbrella with the option to pay more for the Smile options?

  • nightowwl

    Please write a follow-up article to this horribly botched ‘transition’.
    Smile is installed on a PC without the user’s consent which has caused
    major issues. People can’t find their photos, they can’t download their
    photos. If you need to talk to a real person, good luck. There is no
    email or phone contact information. The owners are nowhere to be found.
    They won’t even respond on their own Smile Facebook page. Please check
    out some of the comments - it will blow your mind.