Spotify Apps platform launched

As expected, Spotify has announced their own apps platform. Third party services can now integrate their offerings right inside the Spotify desktop apps.

The company is already offering a bunch of apps from popular third party services like, Billboard, Soundrop etc.

Spotify Apps platform launched

Spotify spoke about this new platform:

Anybody can create a Spotify App. And we’re delighted to say that some of the brightest and best brands in the world are doing just that. Brands like TuneWiki for lyrics, or Moodagent to match the perfect music to your mood.

In the left sidebar of Spotify, you’ll find a section called Apps. Click on this to bring up the App Finder. As the name suggests, this is your key to apps, glorious apps. Go forth and find the apps for you.

It remains to be seen how strict they are going to be to approve new apps from lesser known third party developers/services.