SwiftKey likely to bundle on more devices in the future

SwiftKey has stated in a message to their users that they are in talks with several manufacturers and their keyboard app for Android is likely to be bundled with lots of devices in the future.

The company said:

Next year promises big things from the team at SwiftKey. We’re making great progress with the SwiftKey Flow beta and we can’t wait to launch it to all of our users soon. We’re working with some really big companies to bring the power of SwiftKey to new device owners, straight out of the box. Our technology continues to be applied in new and inspirational ways to help people do their jobs more effectively, such as in healthcare, where we’ve already won an award for our work. And we’re working on some exciting new product areas that we’ll reveal throughout 2013.

SwiftKey is currently running a sale on their apps so if you own an Android device but have not purchased their keyboard app, this is a good time to do so!