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Mozilla turning on Click to Play for all plugins except Adobe Flash Player in Firefox

Mozilla has announced a major change that is being rolled out to the users of Firefox web browser. They are turning on Click to Play setting for all plugins. The only exception is the latest stable edition of Adobe Flash Player. The idea is Read more [...]

Windows UI edition of Internet Explorer would run Flash on only approved domains!

Gizmodo has revealed another annoying restriction implemented on the Metro edition of Internet Explorer when it comes to support for Adobe Flash plugin. Apparently, this edition of IE10 would run the Flash player only on approved domains. To get Read more [...]

Microsoft rolls out fix for Flash Player vulnerability for Windows 8

Windows 8 launch might be a month away but a lot of users are already on preview and rtm editions. Microsoft is now rolling out a critical update for the Windows 8 platform that fixes the vulnerability related to Adobe Flash Player plugin. Updates Read more [...]