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Google Play to offer media content on Google TV in UK, Germany, France, Canada and Australia

Google has just announced that they are rolling out support for Google Play Store on their Google TV platform in several new markets. Google TV owners in United Kingdom, Germany, France, Canada, and Australia would soon be able to buy/rent music Read more [...]

Google Maps expands biking direction data for Australia and Europe

Google has added tons of data related to biking directions for Australia and European countries. Google said: Helping cyclists navigate the bike trails throughout those countries proved hugely popular, so we’re wheelie excited to Read more [...]

Nokia Reading: Nokia launches their own eBook reader app

Nokia has announced their own eBook reader app for their Windows Phone devices. Nokia Reading would soon be available for the Nokia Lumia range of devices. They are working with world’s biggest publishers, including Penguin and Hachette, Read more [...]