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Google Android 4.x powers nearly quarter of all Android devices

Google has updated their Android Platform Versions chart. Gingerbread remains the most popular version on Android powered devices. 55.8% of Android devices are running a build of GB. Ice Cream Sandwich is now the second most popular version Read more [...]

Google Android Ice Cream Sandwich now power 10.9% of active Android devices

Google Android Jelly Bean would be out for Nexus and Xoom devices this month. This means more fragmentation in the Android segment. Google’s latest updated platform statistics reveal that Android ICS now powers 10.9% of active devices accessing Read more [...]

Ice Cream Sandwich powering 1.6% Google Android devices

Google has updated the Android Platform Versions page and it now shows that Android ICS edition is powering around 1.6% of all devices accessing the Google Android Market. Honeycomb edition is powering around 3.3% devices. Gingerbread is currently Read more [...]

Google Android Gingerbread now powering 55.5% active devices

Google has updated the charts that showcase the Android devices running different versions of Android mobile platform. This chart is only applicable on devices that are connected to the internet and have access to the official Google Android Market. Read more [...]