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Secure Shell for Google Chrome now compatible with ARM processors

Google developers have updated the Secure Shell app for Google Chrome with support for ARM processors. This means that users of the recently launched ARM powered Samsung’s Chromebook can now use this extension. Secure Shell essentially lets Read more [...]

Google Docs, Sheets, Slides, Drawings, Forms, Script and Fusion Table now have individual apps for Google Chrome

Google has renamed the apps in their Google Drive platform. Documents is now named Google Docs. Spreadsheets is now called Sheets. Presentations is now called Slides. All of these services now get their individual apps on the Chrome Web Store. Read more [...]

Google is now selling Samsung Chromebook through Google Play Store

Samsung Chromebook has now gone on sale through the Google Play Store for USD 249. This is a solid update for the Chrome OS platform as it is now being promoted directly from the Google Play website. Google has traditionally solid only Android Read more [...]