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Samsung is also now selling the 3G edition of their new Chromebook

Google yesterday announced a brand new Chromebook model running on ARM technology. The version announced had only Wi-Fi support and is priced at USD 249. Samsung of course has added a 3G enabled edition as well to the range. It is on sale for Read more [...]

Google launches an ARM powered Samsung Chromebook with 100GB Google Drive space for USD 249

Google was long due to launch a new Chromebook model and we finally have one. This latest model is being manufactured by Samsung. It uses an ARM processor which is nice. But the battery life is rated at 6.5 hours which is somewhat disappointing. Read more [...]

Verizon Wireless would soon offer Samsung Galaxy S III in Amber Brown and Sapphire Black

Samsung has announced that they are set to launch two new colored variants of their Galaxy S III smartphone through the Verizon Wireless network in the US market. These new color options are: Amber Brown and Sapphire Black Galaxy S III has Read more [...]