Y Combinator to accept applicants without an idea!

Y Combinator has announced that they are now going to accept applications from groups who have not come up with an idea for a project.

Y Combinator to accept applicants without an idea!

This is strange but they said:

Why are we doing this? Partly because we realized we already were. A lot of the startups we accept change their ideas completely, and some of those do really well.

The other reason we’re doing it is that our experience suggests that smart people who think they can’t come up with a good startup idea are generally mistaken. Almost every smart person has a good idea in them. A good startup idea is simply a significant, fixable unmet need, and most smart people are at least unconsciously aware of several of those. They just don’t know it. And we now have lots of practice helping founders see the startup ideas they already have.

They are willing to take risks on people who know what they are capable of doing but are looking for an idea to work on.

Mar 2012
POSTED BY Sushubh Mittal