Tapatalk 2 for iPhone launched. Currently on sale for 99 cents

Quoord Systems has released the version 2 of their Tapatalk mobile app for the Apple iPhone.

Tapatalk 2 is currently available at a discounted price of 99 cents. Price would increase in the coming days.

The app features a brand new user interface optimized for the iPhone display. It is one of the most popular app for accessing web forums on mobile devices.


- Fully redesigned - gesture based forum navigation
- Patent-pending contextual “Magic Wheel” provides super-quick access to all Tapatalk forum features such as Facebook / Twitter sharing, Thanks and Like, Discussion Subscription and more.
- New Camera with Instagram style filters, one click photo-sharing to forum members
- Tapatalk ID saves your favorite forums and settings under one account, works on multiple mobile platform
- New Editor - a joy to type on iPhone to participate discussion on the go.
- Made for iPhone 5
- Push Notification - stay up-to-dated of your discussions and private messages.