Tapbots launch Netbot iOS client for App.net

App.net gets a new mobile client for the iOS platform by the makers of Tweetbot.

Tapbots is now selling a new app named Netbot. It is a mobile client for iPad and iPhone for the App.net platform.

It also allows you to cross post to your Twitter account. You can also see which of your Twitter friends are on App.net.

Tapbots launch Netbot iOS client for App.net


Conversations and Details
Context is key. Netbot makes it effortless to catch up on a conversation or see responses to a post. Just swipe to the right to view a conversation thread or to the left to view the post in detail.

Smart Gestures
Netbot has gestures that can save you time. 1) Tap a Link or Avatar in your timeline to view more. 2) Tapping and holding any of those elements gives you options. 3) And finally you can configure triple-tap to reply-to, star, repost, or even translate a post.

Customizable Tab Bar
Prefer viewing mutes over stars? The last two tabs in Netbot are not only customizable, they are effortlessly swappable. Just hold down the tab for a split second and change it to a new section.

It is priced at USD 5 for individual versions for iPhone and iPad.