Turns out Peek lifelong service was just 2 years


Peek has confirmed that they are no longer supporting their hardware products that were sold back in 2008 and 2009.

The company sold these devices with claims of lifelong service. Turns out the life of the service contract was just around 2-3 years.

Turns out Peek lifelong service was just 2 years

Customers with these devices are no longer getting connected to the internet.

Peek spoke about the new developments:

Unfortunately we cannot maintain the network forever for a few users, so that end time has come. The networks are changing standards, protocols etc and the old units are now end of life. We have lots going with rapid adoption of our software by phone brands around the world, so Peek is flat out building for a number of platforms that our OEM customers are deploying like Android and Mediatek. We are not offering a Peek-made device to replace these old ones.

Peek is no longer manufacturing or selling their hardware products. The company has turned into a software solutions provider.

Feb 2012
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