TWC TV app for iOS now support Apple iPhone and iPod Touch


Time Warner Cable has updated their TWC TV mobile app for the Apple iOS platform.

The app now supports both Apple iPhone and iPod Touch devices. Until now, it only supported the Apple iPad.

TWC TV app for iOS now support Apple iPhone and iPod Touch


Find your favorite shows
- Browse the interactive program guide with up to 7 days of TV listings
- Search for shows by title or episode name, and filter the results by genre
- Set favorite channels to create a personalized program guide
- View detailed program descriptions with color photos and cast information

Program your DVR or change channels from anywhere*
- Schedule one-time or series recordings and change settings on compatible DVRs
- Change channels using your iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch and compatible DVR or cable box

Parental Controls
TWC TV offers channel blocking. To learn how to activate parental controls, tap “settings,” then parental control. To restrict all access to TWC TV, please remember to sign out by tapping “settings”, then sign out.

Jan 2012
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