Tweetro for Windows 8 latest to hit Twitter accounts limitations

We have already seen Tweetbot facing issues with excessive number of users connecting to Twitter through their platform.

Tweetro for Windows 8 has now hit a similar limit set by Twitter. New users are unable to connect to their Twitter accounts.

Twitter has not made their policy clear on how third party apps can get around this limitation. The company is practically restricting successful third party apps from growing their customer base.

The company said:

The future of Tweetro is uncertain at this stage but it’s likely that it will be pulled from the Windows Store until we can figure out the best way moving forward. At this stage, we are considering to add further polish to Tweetro and re-launch it as an exclusive ‘premium’ paid app. We would have been more than happy to continue distributing Tweetro for free as the exposure we’ve been receiving from it has been fantastic however being limited by twitter to a maximum of 100,000 users would mean we’d have to justify development via financial means.