Twitter has a brand New Twitter update for us!

Twitter has launched a totally overhauled update which they are again calling the New Twitter.

This is a massive update and it would change the way we use their web edition. They have already launched updated mobile apps for the Google Android and Apple iOS platforms.

Twitter has a brand New Twitter update for us!

The new Twitter has five main sections:


This is the primary Twitter feed as it contains the latest content from people and brands you follow. It features a two column layout. Left column now houses the favorite features. Right column contains the tweets. And tweets would now show embedded contents in addition to conversations. It is no longer about text!


This section shows the activity on your account. You can see who mentioned you in a tweet or who started following you. You can also see retweets of your tweets in addition to your tweets favorited by others.


This is a brand new section and probably the most important feature of this new update. Twitter would now keep a track of your activity and location and show you interesting content from the network. The idea is to let you know about the latest happenings, interesting content from the network and suggestions for people you might want to follow on Twitter. Twitter said that this section would continue to improve as you use the web interface more.


This is where you manage your own account and profile. This is also the section where you can access direct messages. You can customize your profile to make it more interesting for other users.


And of course the button that lets you post a new tweet. It has been made more powerful. You can upload photos, add your location, post links to interesting content on the web.

Twitter said that they are going to roll the new version out to everyone in the coming weeks. Folks who start using their newly launched mobile apps for Google Android and Apple iOS would get access faster!

Twitter has also updated the TweetDeck app with some of the new enhancements to keep it relevant as well.