Twitter might be next to offer two factor authorization

Twitter last week reported that their servers were hacked and some user data was leaked.

The company forced around 250,000 account holders to reset their passwords.

Online reports now suggest that Twitter is now planning to offer two factor authentication on their platform.

2FA is becoming a popular approach amongst web companies to offer a secure way of logging into their services. Google offers it globally. Facebook offers it in some markets. Dropbox and CloudFlare also provide it. Users login with their usual password and are then asked to verify it by entering a code sent to them through SMS or is generated using a mobile app. Google in fact offers a mobile app named Google Authenticator for the same. It is available to third party services to incorporate into their own platform. LastPass uses it for example.

It would be good to see Twitter offer 2FA as their users are probably the most affected. It is not uncommon to see accounts of celebrities and brands getting hacked mostly due to user error.