Twitter Promoted Products expanded on Twitter’s mobile apps

Twitter has announced that they are expanding the scope of Promoted Products on their mobile apps.

This means you are going to see more of Twitter’s promoted tweets, trends and accounts on their mobile web apps and native apps.

Twitter Promoted Products expanded on Twitter’s mobile apps

The company said that they have already been showcasing Promoted Trends and Promoted Tweets in search results on almost all of their mobile platforms.

Promoted Accounts and Promoted Tweets in timeline has been part of their mobile web app for a while now. These are now going to be pushed on their mobile apps as well now.

Twitter added:

With our most recent app updates, Promoted Accounts are now in Twitter for iPhone and Twitter for Android. And in the coming weeks, we’ll begin introducing Promoted Tweets in the timeline on these mobile apps. Initially, a small number of users may see Promoted Tweets near the top of their timelines from brands they already follow. This will help ensure that people see important Tweets from the brands they care about.