Twitter getting video sharing integration through Vine!

Twitter CEO Dick Costolo posted an interesting tweet today which featured an integrated video.

The video is hosted on Vine which was acquired by Twitter recently.

The shared video loops and has no controls other than a mute button.

It is not clear if there would be a time limit on the video that can be shared through this new integration.

Twitter already offer photo sharing through their own platform. Video sharing would be a good feature addition.

  • Daniel Chenery

    Pretty good news, not that I share many videos. I think the lack of control’s might annoy me though (Although at least you can still right click!). Nice to see HTML5 videos too :-)

    • chromaniac

      Auto Play is not good IMO. They are trying to do videos as moving photos. But audio changes all that!

    • Daniel Chenery

      There’s two ways to look at this. I assume the video will auto-play when a Tweet is “expanded”, which makes this a good feature, else, you would be expanding, then pressing play. But there’s still people who prefer to press play - not to mention to annoyance on embedded Tweets!

      Still, I assume someone will develop some kind of browse extension to remove the autoload parameter :P

    • chromaniac

      Pure HTML5 video is great!