Valve: No hardware launch planned for this year

Valve: No hardware launch planned for this year

Valve has clarified that they are not planning to launch any hardware product this year.

The company is in talks with hardware manufacturers. They are of course also working on Linux version of their games.

Valve is also beta testing the Linux version of Steam platform and their Steam Big Picture project which should bring PC gaming to the drawing room.

The company said:

It’s true that we are beta-testing Left for Dead 2 on Linux, and have also been public about Steam Big Picture Mode. We are also working on virtual and augmented reality hardware, and also have other hardware projects that have not been disclosed yet, but probably will be in 2013.

Yes, Valve will be at the show to meet with hardware and content developers in our booth space. Many PCs optimized for Steam and Big Picture will be shipping later this year. We are bringing some of these as well as some custom HW prototypes to our CES meetings.