VEVO launches a brand new mobile web app

VEVO launches a brand new mobile web app

VEVO aims to make it easy for you to enjoy their videos from your smartphone or Tablet PC.

And they are no longer going to push you to download their mobile apps.

The company has launched a major update of their website. It is now heavily optimized for smartphones and tablets.

Their website would now work as a proper mobile web app optimized for portable devices.

Vevo spoke about the enhancements:

Now you’ll be able to enjoy a simplified VEVO experience on any smartphone without having to download one of our free mobile apps. Along with the ability to watch any of our 50,000 music videos, you’re able to access your video playlists and share your favorite clips with friends. This also makes your Twitter and Facebook experiences a bit simpler as well. If you’re checking one of the social sites and bump into a video link, our mobile web interface opens to launch VEVO videos in seconds – a great experience.