Vimeo Desktop Uploader is discontinued

Vimeo has just alerted their members that they are no longer supporting their desktop uploader application.

The company said that the app might have stopped working a while ago for some members.

Vimeo Desktop Uploader is discontinued

Vimeo said that they have worked hard on enhancing their web based uploader which now support files as large as 5GBs.

The company added:

Our decision to discontinue the Desktop Uploader is the result of the many improvements we’ve made to the web uploader. When the Desktop Uploader was first released, it was the only way Vimeo members could upload files over 1GB. Today, Vimeo members can use the web uploader to upload files up to 5GB, rendering the Desktop Uploader obsolete. But when it comes to technology, obsolescence is a fact of life.