Waze gets Facebook connectivity and location sharing!

Waze has released a major update of their mobile apps for Google Android and Apple iOS devices.

The app now feature Facebook connectivity. This is used for various purposes:

You can keep in touch with friends when you are going to the same destination.
You can share your location while on the move.

You can also now share your location to friends who might not be using Waze. They get a live updated map with your location on it. This feature could remove the need to have an app like Glympse on your phone!

Other enhancements:

✭ Now sign in with Facebook
✭ Support for iOS6 and iPhone 5
✭ Gorgeous new design throughout! New maps, new moods, new menus and interfaces.
✭ Save and share your parking location
✭ Useful links as you near your destination
✭ Send private messages
✭ See toll road usage indications on routes