Wikipedia launches their visual editor developer prototype


Wikipedia has announced the launch of a new prototype visual editor that would make it easy for new users to contribute to the project.

The new editor is currently in development and they are looking for feedback related to it.

It works similar to GUI editors offered by most online content management systems.

Wikipedia launches their visual editor developer prototype

Wikipedia spoke about this prototype editor:

Today, we’d like to share the first prototype of a basic editing surface which supports the translation of what’s on the screen into wiki markup. The demo, which can’t yet save or edit documents, supports both basic formatting (e.g., bold, italics, section heading) as well as many of the required features that people take for granted (e.g., cut/paste and undo/redo). However, it’s still very fragile, and you may easily end up with an unusable document. In the best case scenario, you can use it to generate valid wiki markup that you can copy and paste into an edit box on any MediaWiki wiki.

This version of Visual Editor should support most of the modern browsers but was tested mostly on Firefox, Chrome and IE9. We do support IE8 as well, but not IE7 (yet). The editor isn’t internationalized yet, but will be with the next release.

Dec 2011
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