Windows 8 users to get Adobe Flash Player update next week

Windows 8 users to get Adobe Flash Player update next week

Microsoft has announced that they would release an update of Adobe Flash Player for the users on Windows 8.

A critical bug was fixed by Adobe in the Flash Player last month. But this update is not available to Windows 8 users with Internet Explorer 10.

Microsoft has integrated the player in this edition of Windows which means that Adobe does not have control over the updating schedule.

Microsoft created an unwanted scenario when they said recently that the update would be released only after the official launch of Windows 8 which is scheduled for next month.

This would have resulted in all existing users of Windows 8 (preview and RTM builds) to have a vulnerable browser on their machines for a two month long period.

Good thing they changed their mind. Microsoft said:

In light of Adobe’s recently released security updates for its Flash Player, Microsoft is working closely with Adobe to release an update for Adobe Flash in IE10 to protect our mutual customers. This update will be available shortly. Ultimately, our goal is to make sure the Flash Player in Windows 8 is always secure and up-to-date, and to align our release schedule as closely to Adobe’s as possible.