Windows Home Server pretty much dead now

Windows Home Server pretty much dead now

Microsoft has confirmed that they are not going to release any new version of Windows Home Server.

Windows Home Server might still get security updates but there is not going to be a next version of this edition which was popular amongst home users.

The company said in a statement:

No. Windows Home Server has seen its greatest success in small office/home office (SOHO) environments and among the technology enthusiast community. For this reason, Microsoft is combining the features that were previously only found in Windows Home Server, such as support for DLNA-compliant devices and media streaming, into Windows Server 2012 Essentials and focusing our efforts into making Windows Server 2012 Essentials the ideal first server operating system for both small business and home use—offering an intuitive administration experience, elastic and resilient storage features with Storage Spaces, and robust data protection for the server and client computers.

Windows Home Server 2011 is the latest version in this series.