Wolfram|Alpha announces deal with Samsung for their Android smartphones

Wolfram|Alpha announces deal with Samsung for their Android smartphones

Samsung Galaxy S III was launched with much fanfare. One of the features highlighted by Samsung was their S Voice app which worked similar to Apple Siri.

Wolfram|Alpha has just announced collaboration with Samsung for these mobile apps. The company said that they are providing access to their database for the S Voice and S Note apps on Samsung’s Android devices.

The announcement mentioned two devices: Galaxy S III and Galaxy Note.

Wolfram|Alpha said:

Integration in Samsung’s S Voice is yet another application of Wolfram|Alpha technology in a voice command app. The S Voice is available exclusively to users of the new GALAXY S III, which was recently released in the US. By simply tapping the home button and speaking, users will be able to get answers to factual questions by drawing on the expert knowledge of Wolfram|Alpha. Users can ask questions such as “How high is Mount Everest?“, “Who is Barack Obama?“, or “What is the weather like today?“, and Wolfram|Alpha will instantly give the correct answer.

Samsung GALAXY Note users can also gain access to Wolfram|Alpha using the S Pen optimized S Note application available through the Premium Suite software upgrade. With the GALAXY Note’s S Pen, users can get answers to an equation or perform a knowledge search simply by writing it out. Users can even write formulas, such as y = 2x + 3, and the S Note app will use Wolfram|Alpha to plot and solve the equation. Users can also write words, and S Note will query Wolfram|Alpha to find the answer. For example, if a user writes “Who is the prime minister of India?“, Wolfram|Alpha will answer “Manmohan Singh”.