Wolfram|Alpha launches a desktop app for Windows!

Wolfram|Alpha launches a desktop app for Windows!

Wolfram|Alpha already has a fully functional website that provides access for free. They sell mobile apps for popular platforms. And now they have launched a desktop app for the Windows platform.

So why would you pay for a desktop app when you can use it inside a web browser?

Here is what the company states:

The Wolfram|Alpha App for PCs & Ultrabooks™ features an optimized user interface that takes advantage of the full PC screen. The app also features a specialized keyboard, easy resizing of results, and extended copy and paste of query results and graphics.

The company added that they plan to offer more products on sale in the future:

Later this year, Wolfram|Alpha will release its series of Course Assistant Apps through the AppUp center in subjects such as calculus, astronomy, physics, and chemistry. Other specialized Wolfram|Alpha-powered apps include resources for professionals and in-depth reference materials in a vast array of subject areas.