Wolfram|Alpha announcing their new platform Wolfram|Alpha Pro

Wolfram|Alpha has announced the latest major update to their computation platform. They call it Wolfram|Alpha Pro.

Wolfram|Alpha Pro would be a subscription based service that would bring tons of new features to the platform.

The company highlighted some of the aspects of the Pro edition:

Being able to generate interactive output using CDF (computable document format)
Support for downloading graphics in other forms (i.e. 3D geometry, vector graphics, formats for immediate use)
The ability to customize the output of images that Wolfram|Alpha produces (i.e. changing the input, title, frame, size, color)
Raw data downloads

Users would be able to check the platform out by using a time limited trial edition.

Pro edition would cost USD 3 per month for students and USD 5 per month for general audience.