WordPress.com brings back Reblogging

Tumblr has turned out to be the biggest challenger to the blogging market for WordPress.com.

The company has just relaunched a feature that was a part of their platform but is a core feature of Tumblr platform.

Reblogging is back on WordPress and they have made it more useful than ever before.

A new option is now available from the top bar that appears on all WordPress blogs. You can use the Reblog button to share the post you are reading on your own blog.

WordPress.com highlighted what happens when you reblog a blog post:

When a post is reblogged, it shows up with a link back to the blog it came from, the first image in the post, an excerpt of the post’s introduction (if it contains text), and thumbnails of any other images that the post contains. It also shows any comments left by the person who reblogged the post.