WordPress.com Notifications updated

WordPress.com Notifications updated

WordPress.com developers have rolled out another update related to the notifications feature.

They have removed the number on the notifications button. The idea is to lessen the pressure on you to check the notifications.

Instead, you get an orange colored icon showing what type of notification is the latest in your account.

The developers said:

In giving you a notifications stream, the last thing we wanted to do was cause more stress! So we dropped the unread count and now the orange color simply means there are new notes since you last looked. An icon shows the type of your latest notification. The icon now also refreshes while you’re on a page, no need to reload a page to see new notifications.

They have also added a new panel on WordPress.com where you can go through all the recent notifications.

This new toolbar is compatible with all the major web browsers. Though they are no longer supporting Internet Explorer versions older than the current one (version 9).