WSJ: Google launching an online store to sell Android based Tablet PCs!

The Wall Street Journal has added fuel to the rumors that Google is nearing the launch of their self-branded Tablet PC.

Google is of course not going to manufacture the Tablet on their own. Asus is said to be the first partner in this initiative.

This could change in the future once Google completes the acquisition of Motorola.

It remains to be seen if we would see more than one model and whether Google would also launch more smartphones.

Google already offers Nexus branded devices that feature stock Android. First two editions were sold with Google branding though the third one is being sold with Samsung’s branding.

The report further said that Google would launch their own online store that would sell this Tablet. WSJ added that Google would also sell other Android based devices through this store to help boost the sales.

This store is likely to be similar to other online stores operated by companies like Amazon and Apple. Remains to be seen if Google succeeds with a retail venture this time around!