Yahoo! Livestand for Apple iPad being killed

Yahoo! Livestand for Apple iPad being killed

Yahoo has announced that they are killing Yahoo! Livestand for iPad.

The company said that this decision was taken as part of their consolidation strategy to focus on fewer products.

Yahoo said:

As announced during our most recent earnings call, we’ve decided to discontinue or consolidate a number of products across Yahoo!’s technology platforms over the course of 2012. Platform consolidation enables us to put many Yahoo! properties onto common key platforms and technologies to make everything more scalable and nimble. And when we discontinue products, it will be so that we can focus on opportunities where we lead and where we can create the most meaningful experiences for people using our products, and for our partners, developers and advertisers. One of the first decisions we’ve made along these lines is to discontinue our personalized digital newsstand app, Livestand for iPad.

The company has just launched another product named Yahoo Axis. It comes with dedicated apps for Apple iPad and iPhone along with browser extensions on the desktop. We assume that it would be killed in a matter of months as well.