YouTube API support moves on to Stack Overflow

YouTube API support moves on to Stack Overflow

YouTube developers have made an interesting announcement. They are moving away from Google Groups for support for YouTube API related queries.

They are switching to Stack Overflow for this specific segment of the YouTube support.

The developers said that Stack Overflow is a better place to ask and answer queries related to YouTube API as it has become a popular web platform for such conversations.

The team said:

Many of you are already familiar with the terrific Stack Overflow website, which has become the de facto resource on the web for all types of programming questions. And many of you have been asking YouTube API questions on Stack Overflow for some time now, but haven’t received any official responses from the YouTube API Developer Relations team. That’s because, for the past five years or so, our focus has been on providing developer support via our dedicated Google Group. We’ve decided that instead of continuing to maintain a dedicated Google Group for YouTube API questions, it would help more users if we focused on responding to Stack Overflow posts.