YouTube beta testing Video Questions Editor

YouTube beta testing Video Questions Editor

YouTube is working on a new feature in beta. They call it Video Questions Editor.

Video Questions Editor lets you add questions to your video uploads. Viewer of your video is asked to respond to the questions.

You can then track the responses to these questions from the analytics page.

Google spoke about this feature:

This is an opt-in beta for a simple Video Questions Editor on YouTube. Through this editor you can setup multiple questions to be displayed on top of your video during playback that a viewer can answer. The editor itself can be found on the video edit page, on the edit bar. After you have added several questions and the users have viewed them, you can see a summary of the interaction your users had with them through the analytics page, within the Annotations section.

The company warns that this is just a test and there are no guarantees that it would stay online in the near future.