Google discontinues YouTube Cosmic Panda experiment

Google has discontinued the Cosmic Panda experiment on their YouTube platform.

Google discontinues YouTube Cosmic Panda experiment

Cosmic Panda was launched a couple of months ago and it featured major design change. A lot of people liked what Google did with this experimental user interface.

However, Google recently launched a new YouTube look which was more of an evolution of their older design. Google did borrow some elements from Cosmic Panda but some of the features that users loved were not adopted.

Google spoke about discontinuing Cosmic Panda:

Yesterday marked the last day of the channels and watch experiment, otherwise known as Cosmic Panda. Contrary to what some might have thought, Cosmic Panda was not the new version of YouTube to come, but just an experiment we used to test out some new and interesting ideas.

Since launching the experiment in July, we learned a lot and incorporated many results of the experiment into our recent homepage and channels update, which you’re using now. We’re happy with what we found and are now bringing Cosmic Panda to a close.