Now airtel broadband is blocking a bunch of file sharing and regular websites

We have already seen Reliance Broadband involved in blocking access to tons of file sharing services. And now airtel has implemented their own ban.

The ban involves a bunch of torrent search engines in addition to file sharing services.

If this was not bad enough, some regular sites like Xmarks and Pastebin are also blocked for unknown reasons.

The message on these sites remains ambiguous:

Access to this site has been blocked as per Court Orders

No information about what court order is involved here is given. If the intentions were good, they would have provided more information about what court order they are talking about here. In any case, there is absolutely no sense behind blocking harmless services like Xmarks and Pastebin.

I have asked @airtel_presence to provide me with the details. Retweet to push them!

This looks like the relevant court order.